Motocargo - Rapid, low emission, goods delivery vehicle, designed and made in Herefordshire, UK

The Future

"The cycle and Moto-courier sector boom is desperate for innovation like this
and we’re really excited to see how MotoCargo develops."


MotoCargo is based in Bromyard, Herefordshire, where we have a successful business legacy. It’s a traditional market town with manufacturing in its veins and we are delighted that MotoCargo e-cargo bikes will be made right here in England by our skilled local workforce in an innovative, rural manufacturing enterprise.

To date, this project has been funded privately and developed by a small team looking to manufacture nimble, high volume, eco-enhanced, goods delivery motor pick-ups.

We now look forward to working with bodies that can help create:

  • Annual production target of 5,000 units by 2030
  • Working area 4000 sq. mt.
  • Local jobs 100 – 150