Motocargo - Rapid, low emission, goods delivery vehicle, designed and made in Herefordshire, UK

The Past

Bromyard and its immediate locality has been linked to the British motor industry since the birth of the motorcar. The Chairmen of the Austin, Bean and Morgan motor companies lived in the surrounding parishes and frequented this attractive market town.

Automotive manufacturing was first started in Bromyard by the Pettifer family. This was by way of chassis components for the Morgan Three Wheeler of 1910, prior to the building of the Malvern factories.

In 1959 Bromyard was home to one of the countries first Go-Kart producers, FastaKart, manufactured by Bromyard Engineering. Directors at that time were whizzo William’s father Tony, his mother Kay (who sadly passed away earlier this year at the wonderful age of 104!) and co director Mel Baylis. In the early sixties FastaKart accounted for more than 50% of the grid of all kart meetings in the UK, and in all over 600 were produced. Today the people of Bromyard are proud to continue the manufacture of high quality products for the world’s automotive manufacturers.

Holden Industries

With extensive experience in the specialist art of flow and stretch forming; Holden Hydroman offered a complete service for architectural, automotive and commercial applications for high precision, uniformly curved aluminium sections. The company’s skill in assessing the feasibility of product design  for manipulation was widely recognised by architects and industrial designers throughout the world.

Examples of prestigious architectural contracts include the precision formed sections for: The National Westminster Tower, The Brunel building in Swindon and Gatwick Airport extension.

Examples of prestigious automotive contracts include: Aston Martin, Jensen and Lotus.


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