Motocargo - Rapid, low emission, goods delivery vehicle, designed and made in Herefordshire, UK

The Present

Innovate with Concept

Over the last 18 months this project has grown from an idea to a working prototype:

What started off as an idea to produce a new type of electric sports car, changed course, largely due to the insight of an organisation engaged with County prosperity and the introduction to a leading inner City cargo delivery company.

Design and Prototype build

Several designs are in the pipeline offering a range of carrying capacities and capabilities. All models are A1 licence compatible (125cc equivalent), only requiring a one day Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course to ride on the road. They are faster than pedal power and more nimble than any car or van: it’s the fastest, most effective last-mile delivery solution for large urban, suburban and rural areas.

The completely new MotoCargo chassis is like nothing else on the road. At only 600mm wide it is nimble enough to weave through congested traffic while offering up to two hundred litres of volumetric storage for loads of up to 150kg and can still u-turn in the road with ease. The motor provides 14kW of peak power, easily achieving 50mph fully loaded, with a range of up to 100 miles. Recharging is complete in less than an hour and with no clutch, gears, fuel or fumes it couldn’t be easier to operate – you just twist and go!